February 23, 2009

Student work from 2009 Workshops, part I

The ‘real’ SantaFe: 2009 Visual Storytelling with Audio Class

Just finished a week at the SantaFe Workshops with 11 students in Visual Storytelling with Audio . It was exhausting and exhilarating, in part because everyone worked so hard and made some really interesting (short) stories. This was pretty much the first time for these students to record a story, edit the audio, shoot, edit and tone the images and create a (short) multimedia piece. And they each did three pieces in the week.

The fun part was the reaction of other students after the final show. Several people came up to me with the same question: “Where did they find those people?” Secret is that the joy was not in finding the people but being able to get the people you meet everyday to relate their stories on tape and in photos.

All of the stories produced in class were wonderful but bandwidth allows me to share just two (short) stories. Neither story is quite what it seems. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Josh Schachter’s Josie-Pie-O-Neer about SantaFe institution Josie Gallegos

and Lauren Hemerle’s tale about her Mom’s gardener, Jose Amormino.

A super shout out to Joe Weiss and SoundSlides, who helped by allowing us to use his program. I very much wanted this class to be about storytelling and not software and the ease of Soundslides made that possible. Thanks Joe!


  1. Josh, thanks so much for shrniag our So God Made a Photographer spot! And to Seb F if you make a French version please send it to me so I can share it! Warm regards, Carrie McCarthy

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