November 22, 2008

Seeing Is Believing

I’ve started to establish a new standard for editing images and video and I’m calling it the “jaw dropping” moment form of editing.

If my jaw drops open when I see it, I tag it and keep it. Or if I exclaim, out loud in the office, “holy X&!#!” I usually mark and keep that frame or section. (Lucky for me my colleagues put up with my id.)

I did a lot of jaw dropping and exclaiming when I was producing and editing my most recent MediaStorm piece for the International League of Conservation Photographers. The photography is amazing and the video by James Balog and his Extreme Ice Survey made my jaw drop and caused an expletive. Balog and his team have turned what’s going on with climate change into stunning motion.

As usual, I learned some new things. One of them is that great photography and video stops you in your tracks, and when it’s connected with important issues, it has the power to engage and hopefully motivate people. This project also reminded me that everything in our world is connected.

Climate for Life by

The video is a “run away” but I’m sure the folks at ILCP will fix that soon.

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