July 29, 2013

BrandLogic | Generation Ready rebrand

I”ve always been blessed with work where I meet interesting, passionate and driven people. So when Brandlogic called to ask if I could shoot some videos for the rebranding of Generation Ready, a company that helps underperforming schools by coaching teachers, I was all in.

Working with Dan Dyksen, Brandlogic’s creative director and the folks at GenerationReady, they identified 5 characters who could speak from the heart: a superintendent, 2 middle school principals, a teacher and a set of parents.

It was an amazing experience because all of these people were passionate, honest and inspiring. It gives me hope for the potential of education as a part of the future of our country.

And it also taught me the importance of finding strong characters who speak well and are willing to tell a story.

I directed, interviewed and shot these by spending 1 day with each subject. Nabil Rahman was indispensable as second camera and Kate Emerson did the lovely edits. You can see the other four videos here.

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