• “Bob Sacha taught me to think about storytelling in a completely different, and much more effective, way than I ever had before.” Chris Linder , photographer, scientist and multimedia producer.

  • “Bob Sacha changed the way I work. His workshop helped me learn how to tap into the emotion of storytelling and the importance of good audio.” Lauren Hermele, photographer, Fulbright Grantee and translator.

Everyone is looking forward to summer…and this year, I’m thrilled to be in person at the Omega Institute IN PERSON!! Join me!

Social Media Storytelling

August 11-16, 2024, Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY

We all live on social media these days so it’s important to understand how to create stories that can communicate with our audience, be that customers, subscribers, NGO’s, clients or even our children & grandchildren. So if you’re a journalist, business owner, advocate, social media influencer or parent, this class will help you learn how to make video stories that will stand out from the herd on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok. 

To master our ever-growing landscape of video on social media, we’ll use daily exercises to learn and practice  the fundamentals of capturing a scene, how to interview subjects for impact and how to use text on screen to make your content stand out. For example, since people are consuming social media on the relatively small sized screens on their phone, the closeup has become the basic shot.  We’ll also dive into the tools and techniques that work across all the platforms. 

This is a hands-on workshop and by the end of the week, you will roll all these ideas together into a short social media story about the community near the workshop tailored for  the platform of your choice. You’ll just need a up-to-date smartphone w/ 5GB of free space and a basic editing program. You’ll be able to return home with the new skills and confidence to communicate effectively across platforms using video on social media.

Sign up here. and please reach out if you have any questions.


Some of my favorite student video stories from previous workshops:

Some Classics!

I’ve been teaching workshops for more than 15 years, so long that the technology we used to create those stories is out of date. So I wanted to offer a few past examples of workshops that I really liked–and that has tech that still plays.


The Teddy Bear and the Rock by Tucker Walsh

The Teddy Bear & the Rock ©2010 by Tucker Walsh from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

Do opposites attract?

Shot, recorded and produced by Tucker Walsh in a week in August 2010 as part of Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Master Class at the Maine Media Workshops.

Acceptance by Hannele Lahti

Acceptance ©2010 by Hannele Lahti from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

A birthday brings Teisha Jones face to face with an important date in her family’s past.

Camera, Sound and Editing by Hannele Lahti in a week inAugust 2010 as part of Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Master Class at the Maine Media Workshops.

Fed Up by Tariq Zehawi

Fed Up ©2010 Tariq Zehawi from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

Tariq Zehawi has going to the grocery store to pick up some toothpaste when he found his character. And what a wonderful chance encounter it turned out to be. Camera, Sound and Editing by Tariq Zehawi in one week at Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Masterclass at the Maine Media Workshops


MediaStorm Advanced Multimedia Reporting Workshop

We do a lot of very serious stories at work so it was fun to find something lighter during the first MediaStorm workshop in NYC. Fellow MediaStorm producers Eric Maierson, Chad Stevens and I wore many hats, mostly teaching and producing but also helping out recording, shooting and editing. Check out the results.

This is the project I produced in the workshop.

And if you still have the stomach for it, you can peek backstage at the 1st MediaStorm Workshop where One Man Brand was created. The workshop process is captured in this BTS piece by boy wonder and MediaStorm’s first intern Tim McLaughlin (now a very successful editor and teacher)