Stop Torture in Healthcare: Open Society Foundation

It’s time to stand up and speak out against the terrible things that are perpetrated on people in the name of health care. Here are three films I directed and shot along with Scott Anger as part of a campaign … Read More

This Is Not Your Parent’s Broadcast TV

For the first few minutes, this story looks more like super slick Nike commercia about a mixed martial arts fighter.

But right around 2 minutes the story takes a sharp left turn and ends up in “wow” territory.

Great example … Read More

The Power of Music, Legally Obtained

Here’s a nice short story about an Indian barber shop told without any words but driven by a lively song.

Tom Pietrasik, who made the short, provides some insight into his tools and also gives an interesting description of what … Read More

Lost Love Found

For years I’ve been trying to remember the name of a particular short film that I saw in a high school english class that so stunned me that it made me fall in love with storytelling.

Yesterday, I found a … Read More

Finding Good Characters

Last week I was listening to the raw interviews that photographer Matt Slaby recorded for a multimedia story about a Massachusetts Vets group called We Soldier On, a story he shot and I edited  for AARP magazine’s website.

Matt really … Read More

The Shape of Stories from Kurt Vonnegut

Kurt Vonegut was a brilliant, prize winning novelist and a teller of very curious tales. Check out his lecture on the shape of stories.


from Kurt Vonnegut turns Cinderella into an Equation, by Robert Krulwich.

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What cha lookin’ at?

There’s been some discussion recently about where an interview subject should look during an on camera interview: to the left, to the right, straight into the camera?

Like so many things in storytelling, I like to look to real life … Read More

Change from Within: New Orleans & The Soros Foundation

New Orleans suffered devastating blows on many levels from Hurricane Katrina. But the storm gave the city the unique opportunity to start over from scratch and to try to re-imagine government and other institutions.

Five years later the Open Society … Read More

The Elephant in the Room

My mantra is “A person is not a story” This week I was a multimedia coach at the Mountain Workshops, my mantra could have been: “An assignment is not a story.”

Maya Sugarman proved my mantra by taking a … Read More

Teaching Multimedia, part 2

Hannele Lahti is somehow able to get people to tell her the most amazing stories. She reported and shot this story as part of the week long MultiMedia Masterclass with me at the Maine Media Workshops in August 2010

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