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Let’s Not Call It “Multimedia”

To survive as journalists, we need to be capable of telling a story across multiple platforms. And that’s the way I approach my work.

Recently, Seth Gitner, an assistant professor at Syracuse University S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications, talked … Read More

Finding Good Characters

Last week I was listening to the raw interviews that photographer Matt Slaby recorded for a multimedia story about a Massachusetts Vets group called We Soldier On, a story he shot and I edited  for AARP magazine’s website.

Matt really … Read More

The Future of Journalism… Finding a Job?

I love Robert Krulwich, the NPR Science correspondent and co-host of the brilliant RadioLab because he has the ability to turn a story ion it’s head, tell it in the most intereting way and make me stop and listen.

Others … Read More

What cha lookin’ at?

There’s been some discussion recently about where an interview subject should look during an on camera interview: to the left, to the right, straight into the camera?

Like so many things in storytelling, I like to look to real life … Read More

Good Ethics vs. Good Storytelling & What We Crave

There’s a nice article in the New York Times magazine about my favorite radio show, RadioLab. And there is a fantastic interactive that the New York Times Magazine created isolating some of their storytelling sounds.

RadioLab is a … Read More

Internet = empowerment? censorship?

Brilliant!! (animated) storytelling about web, censorship and democracy by web scholar

Evgeny Morozov tries to put all the pieces together, visually.

Or what else you can do instead of showing a boring talking head.


and here a video … Read More

28 Mar '11

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The debate rages on!

What is the difference between broadcast video and video for the web? Adam Westbrook helps explain it a bit by detailing five things to avoid in web video that have become cliche’s in broadcast video.

It wasn’t long before … Read More

27 Apr '10


Missed Connections

I slipped in Jeremy Caplan’s class yesterday at CUNY Grad School of Journalism and he was discussing an old post titled: What 15 Journalists took home from South by Southwest a.k.a SXSW.

There was this this illustration by … Read More

24 Feb '10

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Too long?

I’m a big fan of the Bombay Flying Club (“Online Journalism as it could be” is their motto) BFC produces stunning multimedia. I checked in to see their most recent piece, Streetlight Ethiopia, which was commissioned by the NGO “Hope … Read More

Luz, a new photo agency

Grazia Neri Agency was the best European photo agency I worked with: they sold every story I sent them. So I was sad when they called it quits. But now there’s Luz, born from the ashes of Grazia Neri and … Read More