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Tuesday I start leading a graduate seminar at the International Center of Photography (ICP) in the photojournalism/documentary photography graduate program. I’m excited because the students I’ve met thus far have been anxious and ready to learn.

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Photographing a Rock Star..of Science!

I used to do a lot of portraits when I started working for magazines in NYC. One great recent portrait was Professor E.O.Wilson. He’s the Mick Jagger of Science, often referred to as “Charles Darwin’s Heir” and a genius. He … Read More

16 Aug '07


Just talkin: my Adobe Podcast

I love talking with interesting people. Last week I had breakfast with George Jardine, a very cool guy from Adobe who helped design Lightroom. We met at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC and talked about a few things … Read More

Portfolio: Conde Nast launches a new magazine

New York media is abuzz today with the launch of the CondeNast’s website for the publishing companies latest, long awaited business magazine called Portfolio.

There’s lots of cool multimedia content including infographics and video.

Since Conde Nast has … Read More

Can photography make a difference?

In a NYTimes review of James Nachtwey’s NYC show, a rumination on the potential power of photography to change the world.


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Oz at night

Thinking about Bernice Abbott  makes me nostalgic for NYC…

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22 Mar '07

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