16 Nov '12


Judging hundreds of multimedia stories in 2 days

Young photographers push the envelope much more than their professional peers.

So I was excited to be a judge for the multimedia categories of the College Photographer of the Year.

I looked at a lot of stories. I saw a … Read More

Video will equal 90% of web traffic in 3 years.

The folks at Cisco think video will make up 90% of the traffic on the web within the next 3 years. David Hsieh, VP of marketing, Video and Emerging Technologies at Cisco, says that video already makes up more than … Read More

Lost Love Found

For years I’ve been trying to remember the name of a particular short film that I saw in a high school english class that so stunned me that it made me fall in love with storytelling.

Yesterday, I found a … Read More

The Future of Journalism… Finding a Job?

I love Robert Krulwich, the NPR Science correspondent and co-host of the brilliant RadioLab because he has the ability to turn a story ion it’s head, tell it in the most intereting way and make me stop and listen.

Others … Read More

What sets YOU apart?

” Now everybody is a photographer, everybody is a film maker, everybody is a writer.”

So what will set YOU apart?

take a minute, yes, just a minute and check this trailer from the new film Press Pause Play.> ——–

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Internet = empowerment? censorship?

Brilliant!! (animated) storytelling about web, censorship and democracy by web scholar

Evgeny Morozov tries to put all the pieces together, visually.

Or what else you can do instead of showing a boring talking head.


and here a video … Read More

Repo Man

I’ve finally moved by old Phlog (short for PHoto bLOG) from WordPress. Now I can run hog wild on my own site…

If you’d like to see the millions of previous posts, check out my original wordpress site, sacha … Read More

Seeing Is Believing

I’ve started to establish a new standard for editing images and video and I’m calling it the “jaw dropping” moment form of editing.

If my jaw drops open when I see it, I tag it and keep it. Or … Read More

Climate Change

The Council on Foreign Relations is a think tank that’s interested in presenting the facts in a straightforward way on many of the most crucial issues of our time in what they call “Crisis Guides.” I produced their Climate Change … Read More

13 Jul '08

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things as they are

A week ago, Mary Panzer, the photo curator, critic and author of the ICP Infinity Award winning book “Things As They Are” came to MediaStorm to write a story for the Wall Street Journal headlined ” Photojournalism for the … Read More