May 5, 2015

Bob Sacha = Director + Cinematographer

I wanted to create a visual portfolio that concentrated on storytelling and not just a flashy bunch of cool images cut to generic beat driven sound track. I wanted to show moments I captured from real life; not staged segments for a variety of clients from BrandLogic to The New York Times, from Blue Chalk Media to George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, from the National Audubon society to Yahoo! News.

Kate Emerson, the editor and I pulled scenes from my body of films on subjects from ranging health care, education, social issues like discrimination, advocacy, journalism, science and construction to daily life.

The locations spread out from under and over New York City and across the USA to Canada, Bulgaria, Namibia and Cambodia.

Neil Quillen wrote the lovely music and Brooks Berg played a real violin.

I hope we can work together a project sometime soon.


  1. Nice reel. As you said, I like the idea of having different narrative segments instead of just pretty images. I also liked the transitions between them — very smooth. Congrats.

  2. Really enjoyed seeing this as well as other examples of your great work! Lyrical and having seen some of the longer pieces that you took from, I like the way they fit into the whole reel.

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