March 18, 2018

BlindSight documentary short

I’m thrilled to have a short version of my documentary film BlindSight published at where  they re-titled it “The Blind Photographers Club” . They do amazing work and I’m proud to have my work included there now too.

Here’s the trailer to the full version which played in festivals.

BBlindSight is a short documentary film that examines the photographic imagination of the members of the Seeing With Photography Collective in New York City. While all the members were sighted at one time, they are all now blind or visually impaired. Many came to photography after their loss of sight, and photography has given them a new voice, a way to express what they feel, what they see inside their head. The results are transformative, for the members and for the viewer. They are tangible proof of how creativity enhances life and gives power.

I directed and shot the film. Kate Emerson did the edit

Here’s a up to date Flickr feed of the Collective’s work.

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 5.15.12 PM


Also, check out and buy their book, Shooting Blind: Photographs by the Visually Impaired, published by Aperture.



  1. The Syracuse University Libraries are interested in purchasing a copy of your DVD
    BLINDSPOT as soon as it is commercially available.
    We will look forward to hearing from you at your convenience.
    Thank you!

    Brian McLaughlin

  2. I recall rannitg about this a while back and being taken to task over it by a friend who works with deaf and blind people. I admit that he had some excellent points on the matter. The vehicles are very difficult to hear and when you are relying upon your ears instead of your eyes, that can be lethal.And jokes about the music coming from the stereo aside, all it takes is someone not paying attention to the crosswalk and causing a fatality.Or audio indicators when the lights say it is safe to cross? I don’t know where you live Kushin, but we have those in a few intersections in my area (I’m just north of D.C.). They do pretty well, but it’s still the driver’s job to remember that people in the crosswalk are out there.

  3. Veronique Engel

    Dear Sacha,

    I am documentary filmmaker from The Netherlands and live since a few months in New York. I have a question about the BlindSight documentary, I would love to meet you to discuss a few things. Would be wonderful if you could call me or otherwise reach out to me by e-mail. Looking forward and best regards,

    917 348 52 99

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