May 31, 2007

Birthday: can it be?

My thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful birthday video and for celebrating with me in May
Thanks especially to the three cohorts who produced this: Zach Wise, Chad Stevens and Meagan Smith.


  1. Let me add my congratulations Bob or is it boB. Remember 50 is the start of the upper half. Great film too.

    Thanks for the continuing inspiration.

    Philip — Stay safe (Assignment Santa Fe – 2005)

  2. mksmith

    Showed David your birthday video. He said you seem like a really nice guy. If he only knew.

  3. mksmith

    I mean, how nice you really are. Sorry it’s 2am.

  4. Where’s a link to the video? I want to see myself again.

  5. giovanni_g

    Hi Bob, thanks for your nice words.
    I’m late, but I’d like to wish you “Happy Birthday” anyway.
    Wow, you’re 50 years old??????
    It’s a trick!
    Giovanni G (from Lucca)

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