November 10, 2013

Audubon Science & the Christmas Bird Count

One of my true loves is to be outside anywhere in the world listening to the sounds of birds. We call it “bird happy hour” when they gather in trees near my house before sunset and chirp incessantly.

So it was a treat to work on a series of short films for Audubon Science about the Christmas Bird Count. I’m not a birder but I love learning new things and I was in the hands of masters of all ages on this story.

It also held a special meaning: my parents were avid birders but I never had the chance to accompany them on a trip. So I think it’s a kind of Karma that I met Chan Robbins, Martine Got and Jane Patterson and Paul Bannick who patiently introduced me to the amazing world of birds and the Christmas Bird Count and made me feel like I was with my folks again.


Bird Irruptions: Tracking Owls with Paul Bannick



Chan Robbins and the history of the Christmas Bird Count



The biggest count in the country: Mad Island Reserve in Texas




Kids who Bird in Baton Rouge, La.


  1. I love your wonderful little story films on birds.
    Very inspiring, relaxing and moving.
    The Vital Signs project and website is something my associates and I at Image Works and the Gulf of Maine Research Institute created and maintain. My co-worker Sarah Morrisseau has been the prime mover behind it for the past 7 years.
    Please come see us next time you’re passing through Portland to or from the Workshops.
    Thank you Bob.


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