2011 November

This Is Not Your Parent’s Broadcast TV

For the first few minutes, this story looks more like super slick Nike commercia about a mixed martial arts fighter.

But right around 2 minutes the story takes a sharp left turn and ends up in “wow” territory.

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Video Worth a 1,000 Words

Talk all you want about how words are important but you are never, ever going to string together a sentence that can capture what this video shows at the 30 second mark. Then keep watching…

However, murmuration, the word … Read More

14 Nov '11


The Power of Words in the Creative Process

I’ve long been a fan of Ira Glass. I also hate to admit that I feel like I suck more times than not. Good to know I’m not alone…


and I need to be producing more work.

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The Power of Music, Legally Obtained

Here’s a nice short story about an Indian barber shop told without any words but driven by a lively song.

Tom Pietrasik, who made the short, provides some insight into his tools and also gives an interesting description of what … Read More