February 23, 2011

2013 workshops

“Bob Sacha taught me to think about storytelling in a completely different, and much more effective, way than I ever had before.” … Chris Linder, photographer, scientist and multimedia producer

“Bob Sacha changed the way I work. His workshop helped me learn how to tap into the emotion of storytelling and the importance of good audio.”… Lauren Hermele, photographer, Fulbright Grantee and translator

Here are the workshops I’m teaching this summer. Click the name of the workshop for more info. Hope to see you this summer.

Multimedia Storytelling June 24-30, 2013

    Nord Photography Workshops, Oslo, Norway
    This week long workshop is split into two levels. The first level will focus on a basic multimedia introduction for photographers who want to add audio to their images. The second level will explore motion and the more advanced concepts of storytelling.

Visual Storytelling with Audio July 17-20, 2013

    Santa Fe Photo Workshops, Santa Fe, NM.
    Our first stories were spoken. Soon we learned to write, and then we learned to create visual stories by making photographs. Now technology has closed the circle, allowing us to easily add the power of sound and motion to create more powerful stories in multimedia. During this Workshop, students will produce a short powerful multimedia story that is reported, captured and edited in Santa Fe.
    (here’s a blog post from a previous workshop)

Advanced Multimedia Techniques July 07-July 13, 2013

    Maine Media Workshops Rockport, ME

    In this master class, students learn to use all the tools of multimedia more fully. Capturing video scenes and sequences are discussed, more advanced interview techniques, rack focusing, time-lapse and sequence photography is explored along with workflow and story structure. This medium to advanced level class is the next step, a practical guide to using these techniques in the field. Here are three great projects from a previous class.

    Three student pieces from the Maine Media Workshop’s Advanced Class

    The Teddy Bear & the Rock ©2010 by Tucker Walsh from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

    Do opposites attract?

    Shot, recorded and produced by Tucker Walsh in a week in August 2010 as part of Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Master Class at the Maine Media Workshops.

    Acceptance ©2010 by Hannele Lahti from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

    A birthday brings Teisha Jones face to face with an important date in her family’s past.

    Camera, Sound and Editing by Hannele Lahti in a week inAugust 2010 as part of Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Master Class at the Maine Media Workshops.

    Fed Up ©2010 Tariq Zehawi from teaching multimedia on Vimeo.

    Tariq Zehawi has going to the grocery store to pick up some toothpaste when he found his character. And what a wonderful chance encounter it turned out to be. Camera, Sound and Editing by Tariq Zehawi in one week at Bob Sacha’s Multimedia Masterclass at the Maine Media Workshops

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