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31 May '07


Birthday: can it be?

My thanks to everyone who contributed to this wonderful birthday video and for celebrating with me in May Thanks especially to the three cohorts who produced this: Zach Wise, Chad Stevens and Meagan Smith.

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28 May '07


Soul of Athens

When I decided to come to Ohio University as the Knight Fellow last year, I generally received one of two reactions: envy or head scratching.

Why did I do it? Well, to create work like The Soul Of Athens which … Read More

What’s Happening to the Earth?

I came to this AP site to see the new Beta version of Joe Weiss’ great multimedia authoring program SoundSlides. Instead, based on the pictures of wildfires in Georgia, Florida, Minnesota and California, I just couldn’t help but say : … Read More

The future of food

Bob Taylor has been passionate about the hard work of shearing sheep in Athens County, Ohio for 51 years. These days he makes most of his living delivering huge bundles of the Columbus Dispatch to distributors around the region.

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05 May '07

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Buying the War

Bill Moyers (PBS) had a rock’em-sock’em program looking at American Journalism and how it helped the Bush Administration rush to war in Iraq.

Oh, you missed it on TV? Me too…but you can see every second of the show on … Read More