December 1, 2008

10,000 Cups

Starbucks brought their “partners” to New Orleans, 10,000 strong, for a management conference but also to pitch in for 4 hours each of community service. Yes, that’s 40,000 hours of community service. It was a wonderful thing to see.

I lit and shot the interviews and also shot video and stills in the field but the most fun was shooting and editing the small piece in the middle the this great story where Mary O’Connor and her team try to serve 10,000 cups of hot coffee to every one of the partners in the audience at the same time. Phew, what a race that was.

I had spent a year in New Orleans (pre Katrina) working on a story for National Geographic Magazine so I was thrilled to go back with my MediaStorm colleagues in 2008 to shoot, interview and record this multimedia piece for Starbucks.